School of General Studies

General Studies

Thorne Hall

Upon entering the old but stylish building called Thorne Hall the first thing you would notice is the horn like points which act as wind catchers for the four doors that form the entrance into the great central hall. To the right you can see the dean’s office and just beyond that is the reception and first aid room. To the left side of the great hall is another entrance hall, this one has a large set of stairs that leads down into the tunnel system that runs underneath Rosepeak and connects all campus buildings together. Beyond the great hall are five classrooms, simply numbered one through five. Hidden from immediate view on the far end of the great hall are the two staircases that lead to the second floor.

The second floor is a good deal larger than the first floor. It houses another seven classrooms, numbered six through twelve, as well as a teacher’s lounge and an equipment room, where items that are needed for classes are kept, along with many copies of the books that are used during the classes given in Thorne hall. The entire building is enchanted to make anyone inside feel like it’s just the right temperature for them. Between the teacher’s lounge and the equipment room is another staircase, leading up to the third floor.

The third floor has been added to Thorne Hall a few decades after the first two floors were built, this to provide the space needed to accommodate the extra students that traveled to Rosepeak to attend the fabled academy of learning. A few years after the third floor was built, Thorne hall was chosen to house the department of general studies, as other departmental buildings were built on the Rosepeak campus as well. The third floor is the smallest floor of Thorne hall, housing just four classrooms, numbered thirteen to sixteen, which is also the total number of classrooms in Thorne hall.

There is no specialized study room that students can use in between classes, which is one of the very few problems with the Thorne hall design, but students in need of a quite place to study can always use any classroom that’s not in use at that moment. Usually those rooms are on the third floor, which is not only the smallest but also the quietest.

Another of the Thorne hall design faults is that it doesn’t have it’s own library. However, one of the classrooms has been redesigned and re-allocated to be a combination of equipment room and in-house library especially for the department of general studies. Even then, the Rosepeak Library, which is as famous as the academy, is located just a few minutes by foot from Thorne hall, on the same campus.

The entire inside of Thorne hall is designed for functionality rather than style, although the building’s unique layout does add a certain flair to it. There are portraits of previous deans and prominent teachers to be found throughout the building, but the central portrait to be found on a prominent wall in the great hall is that of it’s current dean, the tigerman Kazuo Raidon.

Another key feature of Thorne Hall are the seeing eyes. Kazuo employs these magical floating eyes to keep an eye out, if you will, on student behaviors. There are about a dozen seeing eyes roaming the building in a seemingly random pattern, looking out for any signs of trouble. The moment something does happen, a number of seeing eyes will gather to be able to view the events from several angles, the events will be recorded into a magical crystal, and Kazuo will be informed of what’s happening.