School of Healing

Also known as the Healers Building, the Pulse has a circular base, the walls going straight up for 9 feet before swinging up gently towards the center of the building, reaching a peak about halfway,  then going down steeply to the basement to form an inner circle there.

The entire Pulse is about 80 yards in diameter, the inner circle about 25 yards. Due to the steeply dropping walls, people often use it as sundial. The gentle curving of the outer walls allows the building two three floors, which are linked by staircases around the inner circle. There is the ground level, which holds the classrooms, the maps and tables, the student’s library as well as an examination room, a sickbay and a room for surgery. Those last three rooms are always kept sterile. The second floor holds a greenhouse for internal use only (including an area for fungi), the teachers lounge, teachers library and the office of the dean.

The third floor finally holds one big storage room for everything that the people of the Pulse might need as well as small experimental sections for harmless experiments. The space between the topmost level and the top peak is hollow and unused, created in an attempt to divert ballistic attacks from the building.

The basement of the Pulse holds toilets for students and teachers as well as a room with enough emergency material to treat a good half of the academy in case of a disastrous event. It also holds two magically secured class rooms, one for magical healing experiments, the other for works with more dangerous potions. The rooms are secured in a way that even in case of a major disaster, only minimal effects will leak to the outside of the building. The basement also holds the building’s exit into the tunnels running across campus. Rumor says that yet another exit into the tunnels exists down here, but that has not been proven as of yet.

Both the inner and outer walls hold windows on all levels and all around the building, so the Pulse usually holds light enough for studies. At nighttime, magical gems provide light in necessary places. Emergency torches and tinderboxes are also present. The rooms in the basement, due to the lack of natural light, are constantly lit by several magical light sources, which radiate a light as close to sunlight as possible.

The class rooms of the Pulse, 5 to be exact, hold room for about 20 people each. The library can take up another 40 people. The inside walls of the Pulse are kept white to reflect the sunlight and give as much of a natural atmosphere as possible. Throughout the building, containers with plants can be found as well, to liven up the atmosphere of the academy building.