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School of Magic

The Dragon Press

The magic building and the man that keeps it controlled

An interview with Dean Firepaw and an inside look at the magic building

Across the large courtyard stands, most likely the least impressive building on campus. Sanding about 30 feet tall from the grass at its base to the top of its flat roof. Each side is also 30 feet in length making it a solid cube. No windows only a pair of plane wooden double doors in the front break the solid gray stonewalls. Nearing the building the air seems to crackle with magical energy and the earth seems to have a mind of its own. Nearing the doors, they open on there own, showing a large chamber beyond. The chamber is Nearly ¾ the size of the building itself and is completely void of any adornments save for a lone wooden pillar in the middle with a large open book lying on top and a door on each of the 3 other walls. Inside those doors however, is a world only the imagination can conceive. This is the magic building.

We caught up with the busy dean of magic Teaguen Dravus Firepaw to ask him to describe a bit of the interior of the magic building and how this amazing structure works.

TDP (The Dragon Press) -This building is only 30 feet on the outside yet you have hundreds of students and rooms, exactly how is this possible?

DF (Dean Firepaw) -*chuckle* I have been asked that question many times; the truth is rather simple. The outside is merely an illusion; a simple time spell around the yard gives it the appearance you see.

TDP -What about the windows?

DF -The windows are bricks that have been spelled to be clear from the inside yet appear solid from the outside, the same holds true to the various other doors around the building.

TDP -We noticed that the rooms inside seem to change location at random. How do you keep track of what room is where and how big of an impact dose this have on tardiness in your students?

DF -*laughter* this is a common misconception; you see the rooms themselves do not change location. Rather it is the hallways and staircases that do. For example: Room 304 is always next to 305, however instead of walking next door you may have to go down stairs and to the right, or take 2 left turns instead of one. And they don’t change at random there is a pattern that can be found. It normally takes a year or two to get use to it. All new students are issued a spelled map that shows the path they must follow. To aid in cutting down the tardiness problem.

TDP -Did you design the building to be so confusing on purpose?

DF -No. To begin with I did not design the building at all. I am merely the latest in a long line of deans. The building was constructed according to the needs of the first dean, Dean Wells, an elf with a talent for nature magic. Since then each dean has added something new or different. So the building is evolving with each new dean.

TDP -What changes have you made to the building since you stepped up as dean?

DF -My first act was to stabilize the shifting hallways in to a pattern. I have also added The Spell Room a large antechamber that is self-contained against magic. A room where students can practice very powerful spells with out risk of harming anything or anyone outside the chamber.

TDP -Apart of the make up of the building our readers might like to know, what forms of magic are taught there?

DF -Many different forms. Anything from: pure fire magic, to necromancy, from light magic to beast mastery. However I am currently lacking in teachers and many have had to double and sometimes triple up on subjects. And I have had to cut more than a few courses. But I do plan on opening them back up as soon as more teachers can be found.