School of Military Science

Military Science

The Military arts building is composed of two arena areas joined by building containing the class rooms. The two arenas provide different environments in and of themselves. The Western arena and approximately half of the class rooms are over the river.

Most of the floor of the Western arena can be removed leaving only walk ways. With the floor removed, a fall from the walk way would drop you into a large net over the river. This arena can be used to train for hard ground training, or for narrow combat situations.

The Eastern arena has a floor of sand and is excellent for basic training and loose ground/soil training. Both arenas are surrounded with a 10 foot wall, above which are 2 stories of seating/viewing areas.

The adjoining class room section is 3 stories tall, the top story is much smaller than the rest and is solely the Dean’s office. The bottom story is half as wide as the rest since it ends at the edge of the river, while the others overhang the river. The bottom story is mainly composed of a gymnasium with heavy bags, punching bags and so forth.

The second story connects to both arenas and has about 8 class rooms for instruction in tactics, weapon care, armor selection and uses, large scale tactics and several other military related topics.