School of Performing Arts

The School of Performing Arts

La Hiena que Ríe

Entering the room, you are welcomed with music and it is a hive of activity. People from many walks of life and races are moving about constantly working on a new dance routine. Comedy or drama sketch, or practicing to be a poet reciter. Whatever the case may be many people that are here they are hopefuls.

To your left there is a practice mat for acrobatics, and to the right another mat for dance routines. Along the walls near both mats are handrails for dancers like ballerinas or performers that wish to practice and enhance their dexterity. A mirror is on the right side of the room, used for teachers and students to teach or amplify their performance routines.

Chairs are dotted about the place, but most are located around the grand and very elaborately decorated stage. Dark crushed crimson velvet drapes and curtains adorn the stage over dramatizing it. Suiting the character of a melodramatic performer.

On the stage’s left is the theater art’s head of department’s office. Large oak doors with roses and oak leaves carved into the strong wood. Only the Dean and a few trusted assistants have the key. Otherwise it is kept locked.

Then to the right is a large storeroom where the props, room and stage equipment is kept. Some are as simple as wooden poles and move towards authentic silver armor for operas and dramas.

During your time here, it is more than likely you will first here then see a colorful feline woman. This would be Dean Giso, known for her constant talking.

It is on behalf of the crew at the Gilded Rose’s theater arts department they wish you enjoy your time here and most of all have fun.