School of Psionics

The School of Psionics

A strange building, bulging in odd spots, the School of Psionics exists to train those who have shown promise of telepathic, telekinetic, and meta-psionic abilities.  Occasionally, students who are admitted to these classes are there because of sudden, freak occurrences of psychic abilities, too frightening for the average public.

The building stands at three stories tall, and the main section only at two.  The dean’s office is situated at the top most of the tower, with the secretary office below.

Unbeknownst to the students, the building itself is a psionic barrier, crafted carefully, and daily recharged by the current dean of psionics.  This allows the students to practice their talents, without hindering or harming anyone outside or between classrooms.

If, for some reason, the building is attempted to be destroyed, the brick and mortar will reassemble itself in less than ten minutes time.  Such an example has been proven by the death of a previous dean, who was caught in a mundane explosion.

The basement level of the Psionics building is a storage area for all of the more powerful psionic devices.  A small collection of Gith psi-blades, psicrystals and gems, and psionic tatoos (in a suspended state), the basement is more of a museum and vault than a storage area.