School of Visual Arts

The School of Visual Arts

The first thing you would notice about the Visual Arts department is it seems a huge 300ft by 300ft marble grey box about 50ft tall. The super slick walls glisten in the sun. There are no windows or openings in the surface other than the main doorway. Which is a massive 20 foot by 20 foot double door. Big thick heavy oak doors. Occasionally though one would notice animals moving in and out of a pet door made into the doors. Opened by a small latch that’s paw friendly even for mice.

Once inside you’d notice the place is filled with light. The ceiling seems to glow with pure soft sunlight. The room you enter isn’t a room. But a massive hallway/art gallery filled with art of all skill levels. From the finger-painting of a 5 year old to the master craftsmanship of a finely crafted metal work sculpture or the near photo realistic painting of a sunset that almost seems to glow.

To the right you would go into the Flame Rooms. The glass and metal working area. Huge rows of magically enhanced kilns line the walls. All the rooms on the left are the classrooms and work areas of various types. The two classrooms on the right above the Flame Rooms are set aside for larger projects, sculptures of any kind and woodwork. Above those rooms is the deans office. And lining the back of the building is the massive supply room. filled top to bottom with every supply necessary.

The longer you are in the building the more animals you’d notice. From the seven animal assistants helping to teach classes and the 30+ wolves that roam the building with total freedom. Keeping an eye on everything and keeping the students in line and protecting the younger students from getting hurt.