The Academy Grounds

Campus Grounds

Nestled in the Starfire mountains that surround the Quicksilver fjord is the campus of the Gilded Rose Academy. The Largest building and first one that is seen upon walking up the hill from the town of Rosepeak is the Inn that bares the same name as the school.

The campus it self is rather park like and covered with trees. The various buildings scattered among it’s large acreage haphazardly. Winding paths link each of the fourteen buildings together. One side of the campus is edged by the Crystal Rainbow River. The other sides are edged by the town of Rosepeak and the Starfire mountains.

The Buildings about the campus are as varied in design and structure as are the classes they where built to house. The inn has an almost castle like look to it, while the house behind it, Rose Manor, the home for the heads of the school, is reminisced of an old English manor house.

To the right of the inn and a bit behind it is the oddly shaped Bud theater with the Performance arts building behind it. To the left of the inn is the stables and the track for the horses. Up the road from the stables, which border the river, The next building seen is the oddly shaped Psion building. As one goes further along the winding paths though the woods that surround the campus buildings eventually you’d see the roofs of the Military school in it place aside the river.

The path would then turn to the right and take you between the visual arts building and the school of magic. While rising in front front of you a large tree can be seen. this tree is part of the Horticulture department, surrounding the tree are the schools gardens, flowers of all kinds seen even in winter.

Heading back towards the inn, one would go between the tower that holds the Healing school and the Academy’s library. Veering a bit to the right then one sees the Stone Bramble Museum, The newest Bulding of Rose, while on the other side is Thorn Hall, home of the General studies department and after the Inn it is the second oldest building on the campus. the tops of the Bud theater is viewed once again as the circumnavigation of the campus grounds is done.