The Inn

The Gilded Rose Inn

As one walks up the hill from Rosepeak. The first building of the academy one sees in the inn. Rising up four stories it is the tallest building on the campus. The somewhat imposing Stone structure is weathered, as it is well over several centuries old, but is still in excellent condition. Made by master craftsmen it is not only a strong structure but one of beauty as well. It’s makers have carved into it stones roses and intricate examples of Celtic knot work. now worn with age but even still they can be made out easily.

Wrapping around most of the front and the right side of the building is a porch. The roof of it is also a balcony accessible from the inside, held up by stately Corinthian style columns. Under the porch and also on the above balcony are many padded benches for visitors to sit upon and talk when it is warm outside.

Stepping up to the large double doors of aged oak, carved with many intricate Celtic knots and on a plaque the name of the inn on each one. a slight push will let one into the inn itself. The first sight to greet you would be the two slightly curving staircases that lead up to the second floor balcony. Under this balcony is the bar that stretches almost the full 200 foot wide expanse of the far wall, save for about eight feet on the left hand of it where a large single door, similar to the front ones, only smaller, a mere seven foot tall instead of ten, is placed.

Behind the bar are three doors, two are very simple and looks much used, on them are small brass plaques one read “In” the other reads “out”, between them is a large mirror. once can guess that they lead to the kitchen. The third door is a tad more ornate and has Private written on it. it leads to Softpaw’s office in the inn.

Looking about the main room of the inn one would notice a few things. first off, its size, from front door to bar it is 150 feet wide and from side wall to side wall it is 200 feet as already said. Its floors wooden and polished smooth but not shiny. When facing the bar one would see on their left a huge set of bookcases in the corner, a small extension of the campus library, mostly has story books and other light reads on it. On the right is a massively huge stone fireplace, All year round it crackles with a fire, though in the summer months it is mere illusion flames that produce no flames.

The main room of the inn has a few, unique visual features. The first one might notice is, for some reason, every inch of the room is coated in a fine layer of Blue glitter, that will not come off. The glitter covers anything that is not movable. The floor, walls, rafters, stairs, the bar. But not tables and chairs.

If one looks to the right near the front windows, there is a most unusual tree growing, from the floorboards. It is not of any specific kind of tree, might be an oak, might be an ash, might be a maple. it’s branches have leaves ranging from bud to green to red, to nothing covering all four seasons. Embedded in the base of the tree are some sparkling stones, polished calcite, quartz points, an amethyst cluster, a citrine point, and a roughly shaped rose quartz heart. The roots spread out and trail along the floorboards, at times seeming to be growing right out of them. It’s Large, the trunk is about three foot around and the branches reach up into the rafters.