Old Code

“Your character is your own.  Nobody has any right nor ability to affect your character without your permission.  Likewise, you may not affect other characters without permission.  This is intrinsically built into text based RP by the fact that actions can be modified, and or ignored.  Stating the actions of another character without the players permission is in direct violation of this precept.”

“A player MAKING an attempt to interact or affect another character that is not their own is responsible for the interaction.  Make sure that the player whose character you are trying to interact with is willing to interact with you.  Most of the time, they will be without you having to ask.  However, it is wise to not attempt interactions that you cannot back out of somehow if they are ignored without wrecking the story line.”

”The main idea of the role play is to create a good ongoing story that can stand on its own, and make sense.  As such, it is wise to collaborate with other players whose characters you wish to interact with, and pay attention to the surroundings.  It is silly to have somebody attempt to affect another, and have the other completely ignore the attempt, thus you should make sure that your attempt is all right, and pay attention to attempts on your character.”

Now. for those of you who still didn’t understand the above, in short he said that no one can do anything to your character that you don’t want to have happen..you don’t want to die..then don’t..find a way out. if they used some kind of non dodgeble force..call them on it.. becasue that’s a form of GodModing and isn’t allowed.

The BIGGEST part of old code rp is to tell a good story..not a lot of fighting but plots with twists and turns:

‘There has to be conflict for it to be interesting’

Yes and No.  In a One Shot Story, like a movie, or anything else, there has to be conflict.  It’s the entire ‘Start slow, build up to a culmination, and then finish things off.’ idea.  Necessary for a limited-length thing. most online ffrp is an Ongoing story, however. If it’s Hyper ALL the time, then it gets a little bit bad.

THEN, there is the entire definition of ‘Conflict’.  Conflict is not just “Kick punch hit hurt maim destroy mutilate fight fight fight”  if you have nothing BUT that kind of conflict, or too MUCH of that kind of conflict, then you just have a fricking WWF channel.  Did you watch Titanic?  How many fist fights, or gunfights, or such, did you see?  How many people got beaten to death, or maimed or killed by other people in fights?  Not many, truthfully.

Conflict does not mean People fighting People.  It means something going not completely right.

‘Conflict’ can be a lost item, a lost child, a big storm, an emotional triangle, a big job interview, a contest, or anything.  Try getting more creative in role playing rather than just beating up on people.  It’s not hack and slash.  Put the Role Playing back into FFRP.  Learn how to do something other than fight.

Quoted from Kitfox