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If you are looking to add pages to the guide, take note of the formats we've made slightly standard. The only things we try to enforce is the Namespace rule. If it belongs in one section or another, it will be moved if it is not already there.


All characters must be in the Character namespace. This is done with the use of a : (colon).

[[Character:Template Character|Template Character]]

The format is based on display. Most people don't want to have the namespace listed in their link, so adding a | (pipe, usually added with the \ backslash key) and using the character name again causes JUST the characters' name to appear in the link.

Template Character

On the character page itself, it's a good idea to keep it simple. History wise, basic origin, such as where they are from, what their personality is like, and occasionally relationships can be applied. If you're like any of us, time makes the memory slip, and so does the original description that was written nearly ten years ago (as of this writing, we're going on ten years as a group). There's a template for the basic specifications of characters. This is called the Character Template.

{{Character|<Name>|<Race>|<Location Origin>|<Hair Color>|<Eye Color>|<Height in US Imperial>}}

See more on the Template:Character page.


As with characters, all locations should be in the Location namespace. Same rules apply. If it's a place in the world that you go that other characters go to as well (with or without you), it's worthy of a page.


This is the third, and just as important namespace. While we have an number of "pre defined" races, everything is open. If you have a character that is of a specialized race, feel free to document everything you want here! Remember the namespace rule!