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Chaconne. As seen from orbit.

General Information

Chaconne (sometimes spelled Chacconne) is the third planet from Sol in terms of distance. The second planet in the Sol System to be inhabited by sentient life. It formed about 8.3 billion years ago, with its natural satellite Luna, forming shortly after at about 8.26 billion years ago. Its unnatural satellite FalseLuna formed in 2004.

Chaconne's surface is very young. In the relatively short (by astronomical standards) period of 500,000,000 years or so erosion and tectonic processes destroy and recreate most of Chaconne's surface and thereby eliminate almost all traces of earlier geologic surface history (such as impact craters). Thus the very early history of Chaconne has mostly been erased. Chaconne is 8 billion years old, but the oldest known rocks are about 4 billion years old and rocks older than 3 billion years are rare. The oldest fossils of living organisms are less than 3.9 billion years old. There is no record of the critical period when life was first getting started.

There are specific elements inside the planet's core which give the electromagnetic field around it a very unusual quality, a nexus field. A nexus field attracts chaotic teleportations to it. That's why many people from many worlds and universes are drawn to it.

Long ago the High Gods of Chaconne decided they did not want technology to run rampant. So they cause any technology that enters the atmosphere of it to become nonfunctioning or converts it to a nontechnological equivalant if its a sentient being or would directly cause the death of a being (Technological replacement organs and attachments usually).


Around 5000 years ago a group of Greek/Roman types started to annex countries and such. Fairly soon the very diverse group of leaders had nearly 96% of the known world under their control. It was not a dictatorship or a harsh time for the world. It was peaceful and the world went on for nearly 2500 years this way.

But internal conflicts sprung up and soon there was a secret war between royal families. Within 5 years every royal family's bloodlines were severed. Word spread quickly and the Empire fell within months. The countries took control of their own governments and the world's governments fell and regrew in short time. That is why the world has a common language, calendar and monetary system.


8 billion be - 0 be (be - Before Empire)

1 E - 2988 E (E - During the Empire)

0 AD + (AD - After Disbanding)


Fae Valley

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