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#Gilded_Rose_Inn Is a Medieval Fantasy Free Form Role Play Channel (MFFFRP) on IRC's

The Channel of #Gilded_Rose_inn is the main RP channel and the action takes place in the Inn of the Gilded Rose Academy which also serves as the School's Dorms.

The channel was created on December 1, 2000. It was founded to give role-players a place to role-play where they didn't have to worry about their characters dodging fights every hour or so.

Founded by Softpaw to replace a channel she had previously founded and that had turned into a dark place with too much fighting and Angst for her and several other players liking. This channel is referred to in character as The other place as those leaving took characters and plots, made up a reason for them to leave The other place and began anew in Gilded Rose.

Over the next several years it has moved servers several times. It had originally started on Dalnet, before the IRC servers there suffered massive DDoS (Dynamic Denial of Service) attacks and moved to the Darkmyst IRC servers for a few months. It has been on the Nightstar servers for several years, and there are no plans to move again.

There are several associated channels along side #Gilded_Rose_Inn the one in constant use is #Gilded_Rose_OOC and is the hangout channel for the players when they are not role-playing or even when they are role-playing.

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