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  • RP - Role-Play.
  • OOC - Out Of Character.

  • IRC - Internet Relay Chat. The first and most basic form of communication on the Internet.
  • Channel - Chat room.
  • OP - Operator. Channel operator that has special rights to enforce the rules of the channel. With IRC applications such as mIRC, they are identified with a ~ & @ % sign in front of their name. Yes, they are real people.
  • Split - An event at which the IRC server one is connected to is cut off from the rest of the IRC network, resulting in users being "invisible" to each other until the server rejoins the network. As this is very common, many channels request that users be on the same server.
  • NickServ - Nickname Service. Stores and verifies registered nicknames on an IRC server or network. Most IRC clients know and understand the command
/nickserv help
and the message from the server or network will assist with similar command options.
  • ChanServ - Channel Service. Stores and verifies registered channel names, their owners, and the Operators assigned to that channel.
  • MemoServ - Memo Service. Stores a text message from one user, and notifies the recipient user of the message on their next login.